P13071: Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor


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State of Blood Glucose Monitoring:

Blood glucose monitoring is a valuable tool not only used by diabetic individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also by physicians caring for patients. Today's accurate monitoring systems are invasive, requiring direct access to a patient's blood for accurate analysis. The blood glucose meter pricks the finger in order to obtain a drop of blood from which a discrete glucose level can be determined. Continuous glucose measurements can be obtained by placing a glucose sensor subcutaneously, which delivers measurements to an external system.

Our Project Goals:

The overall goal of the project is to create an accurate, noninvasive blood glucose monitor based on the relationship between blood glucose levels and the permittivity and conductivity of blood. The monitor consists of a microstrip antenna strapped on a patient's limb which is connected to a blood glucose monitoring system automated to make measurements up to every 15 seconds. This technique will relate an antenna's resonant frequency to the permittivity and conductivity of blood which in turn is related to the glucose levels. The system will automatically calibrate itself to determine the antenna's resonant frequency, which will vary under different conditions.

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Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor
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Faculty Guide
George Slack
Primary Customer
Dr. Jayanti Venkataraman
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Dr. Jayanti Venkataraman

Team Members

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Team Photo

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Jared Bold Electrical Engineer jmb4621@rit.edu
Yongjie Cao Electrical Engineer yxc1317@rit.edu
John Louma Electrical Engineer jpl6153@rit.edu
Andrew Rosen Project Lead - EE ajr4346@rit.edu
Daniel Sinkiewicz Electrical Engineer dqs9324@rit.edu

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