P13201: TigerBot Platform

Code Documentation and Tests

Table of Contents


Foot sensor code, reads the current pressure on each foot and displays x,y coordinates for the robot's center of gravity.


There are two modes of operation, single movement mode and pathgen mode.

Single movement mode:

sudo ./ik rx ry rz p0 p1 p2

Moves the legs to the specified position (p0, p1, p2). These arguments represent where the foot should be moved to where (0, 0, 0) is the hip (and a physically impossible position), and (0, 0, .38) is fully extended straight down.

Path generation mode:

sudo ./ik vel SL SW start_flag step

Generates a path for a walking gait, and then feeds the generated path data to the servos at the specified step interval, causing the robot to walk forwards.


sudo ./sensor

Prints current sensor data back to the terminal, sensor data is raw. Capable of detecting if the robot has fallen over. If the robot has fallen over, a message will print to the terminal informing it has fallen over.


sudo ./server

Runs a server which listens for TCP connections on port 13201. When a connection is established, the server feeds characterized sensor data to the client via TCP packets in XML form which can then parse and display it.


sudo ./servo

Moves servos connected on pins 1 and 2 (head servos) through a set routine. Just a servo test program to ensure they are working.

iPhone Project

Load the project in the latest Xcode. It should build and be ready to deploy to an iPhone/iPod/iPad. It also works in the simulator.

Press connect to connect to the Tigerbot's sensors via TCP and get realtime streaming data. Press move to move the head servos.