P13203: TigerBot Extension

Project Review


SVN README -- README file for location of everything in our SVN directories

Current State of Robot/Project -- This document outlines the current state of the robot at the end of MSDII (May 2013) from mechanical, electrical, and computer standpoints. This information is intended to be used by anyone continuing work on this project so they are aware of current condition and may have a smooth transition picking up the work.

Recommendations for Future TigerBot Iterations -- This document outlines recommendations to future teams tackling a similar design problem in the continuation of the TigerBot project sequence. Recommendations from mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering point of views are provided.

Code Documentation

Roboard README -- README file for operating the roboard microcontroller

Voice Recognition README -- README file for running/using voice recognition

Servo README -- README file for using servos

PWM Bible -- PDF file containing numbering, home positions, and ranges for each servo

Link to code directory

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