P13211: Colisionless Rimless Wheel (Wired)


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Current robot technology that aims to mimic the walking motion of humans is very inefficient; energy is lost when the robot's feet collide with the ground with each step. Dr. Gomes and his team of graduate students have successfully modeled and constructed a prototype that proves it is possible to reduce the Cost of Transport (CoT) (see below for current prototype) by removing the "wheel" and involving periodic transfer of mechanical energy between an inner wheel and outer frame. The current prototype can walk down an 8 degree incline ramp if the initial condition is met; i.e. if the inner wheel is wound up to the exact angle that causes the system to move almost perfectly periodic. The task is to add a motor, and thus, control system, that will add energy at the correct time in the periodic arc to continuously propel the robot across a level surface for at least 40 consecutive trials while recording mechanical and electrical data from various parts of the system during each trial.

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Current Prototype

Current Prototype

Project Name
Collisionless Rimless Wheel (Wired)
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Vehicle Systems
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Mario Gomes, mwgeme@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
FEAD grant, [contact]

Team Members



Name Role Major Contact
Owen Accas Composites design and fabrication Mechanical oaa4932@rit.edu
Hao Shi Physics analysis, method of actuation, chassis design Physics, Mechanical hxs4747@rit.edu
Madeline Liccione Motor control, data processing, data storage system designer, systems integration, battery charging and supply circuitry Electrical mrl3086@rit.edu
Daniel Crossen Team lead, chassis design, fastner design, physical system assembly Mechanical drc5403@rit.edu
Rebecca Irwin Method of actuation; actuator, sensor devices, and battery choosing Electrical rai5827@rit.edu

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