P13211: Colisionless Rimless Wheel (Wired)

Planning & Execution

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Customer Needs

  1. Collect motion data
    • Angular velocity of spokes and wheel (theta_dot)
    • Angle between wheels (theta_relative)
  2. Collect current/voltage data of batteries & actuators
  3. Periodic rotational motion translated into linear motion
  4. Walk a distance of at least 25 steps
  5. Endure several trials on a single charge
  6. Minimize electrical and mechanical energy loss
  7. Be portable
  8. Durable
  9. 0.1 - 0.05 Cost of Transport (CoT)


Metric Unit of Measure Marginal Value Ideal Value
largest dimension meters 1.5 (Diameter) 1 (D) S1
weight lbs <= 20 <= 5 S2
system cost $ 900 <= 800 S3
# of steps integer 25 >= 25 S4
accuracy of angular velocity sensor deg/sec <= 1 <= 0.1 S5
accuracy of angular position sensor deg/sec <= 0.5 <= 0.1 S6
system-wide cost of transport unitless (ratio) <= 0.1 <= 0.05 S7
data sampling rate samples/sec (Hz) 100 >= 500 S8
time of operation between charges hours 0.5 1.5 S9
amount of data to be stored hours worth 0.1 0.5 S10
safe for users and observers yes/no yes yes S11
# trials of 25 steps achieved integer >= 40 >= 50 S12
Training time (1st time) hours <= 1 <= 0.5 S13

Team Norms & Values

Created in MSD I, updated in MSD II or as needed

Project Plans & Schedules

Project Plan

Owen Accas

Weeks 3 - 6

Weeks 6 - 11

Weeks 11 - 3 (MSD II)

Dan Crossen

Weeks 3 - 6

Testing current prototype as a baseline

Placement of components

Weeks 6 - 11

Focus on the motor

Refine CAD Drawing as project is updated Get some numbers:

Timing (what does something and when)

Weeks 11 - 3 (MSD II)

Parts ordering

CAD Model


Make sure everyone keeps on track with what they are supposed to be doing

Rebecca Irwin

Weeks 3 - 6

Weeks 6 - 9

Weeks 11 - 3

Madeline Liccione

Weeks 3 - 6

Weeks 6 - 9

MSD2 1 -3 and break week

By the end of week 11:
  1. Finish designing schematics for:
    1. off-board storage
    2. sensor to microcontroller interfaces
    3. motor driver to microcontroller interfaces
    4. batteries

By the end of break (the professor I need to talk to isn't available until then):

  1. Obtain approval for all schematics

By the end of week 1, I will have:

  1. determined if the digital sensors can interface with the microcontroller (not if they are accurate enough, that’s the next step)
  2. the microcontroller converting any and all analog signals (not if it does so accurately enough, that’s the next step)
  3. 100% made sure that data can be transferred from the microcontroller to a computer over a COM port and will demonstrate this ability, if so

By the end of week 2, I will have:

  1. the microcontroller writing to and reading from the off-board storage device (hopefully in the amount needed for a trial, but if not, just that it can do those things in general
  2. determined if the digital sensors are accurate enough
  3. determine if the analog sensors are converted accurately enough

By the end of week 3, I will have:

  1. demonstrated the ability of the microcontroller to work with the H-bridge
  2. demonstrated the ability of the H-bridge to output the proper voltage and current needed by the motor
  3. started to combine the software pieces of the system

Hao Shi

Weeks 3 - 6

Weeks 6 - 11

Weeks 11 - 3 (MSD II)

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Team meeting notes

Shared Vision for week 3 of MSDII

Peer Reviews


Project Reviews

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