P13212: Colisionless Rimless Wheel (Wireless)


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Our aim is to construct the most energy-efficient, four spoke, collisionless rimless wheel that can sustain periodic motion. This project represents a step towards efficient robot locomotion, as it will strive to minimize energy loss from collisions between the device's "feet" (spokes) and the ground, which is currently the primary source of inefficiency in walking robots. Dr. Gomes unpowered 5 spoke rimless wheel prototype demonstrates that an unpowered system can function on an inclined plane. The next step for this project will be to produce a powered rimless wheel that works on level ground. It is also observed that high interest in walking robots exists and that previous research has tried to achieve a similar end goal as ours. However, in these devices and all other similar research, the energy loss from transport is either unknown or very high. Hence the findings and outcomes from our research will help improve current understanding and future applications of walking robots.

public/Week 11 CAD Model Motor Side.PNG

public/Week 11 CAD Model Motor Side.PNG

Project Name
Collisionless Rimless Wheel (wireless)
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Vehicle Systems
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Mario Gomes, mwgeme@rit.edu
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FEAD Grant


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Les Moore Guide Lesmoore@rochester.rr.com
Madhur Jain Team Leader - EE mxj4087@rit.edu
Jason Bowerman EE jrb8480@rit.edu
Robert Dewitte EE rdd9958@rit.edu
Jeremy Benn ME jcb9601@rit.edu
Phil Buchling ME pkb9866@rit.edu

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