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Website should document your journey through MSD, so include work-in-progress as well as latest results. Use pdf's for display whenever possible so that information is easily viewable without the need to download files and open applications. (Your EDGE file repository should still contain original files).

Sample categories are listed below, but feel free to change or add nodes to better correspond to your project and your Guide’s expectations.


Many of the schematics have been altered after the DDR had been given. The updated versions can be seen in the updated DDR pre-read document in which the link is given below:

Detailed Design Review Pre-Read Document

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Power Schematic

Psoc5 Schematic

Encoders and Fan Power Schematic

Expansion PCB Connections Schematic

H-bridge Schematic

Power Meter Schematic

PCB Block Diagram

Daughter Board Schematic

Controls Signal Table

Controller No Psoc

Controller with Psoc

Voltage Divider Psoc

Sonar Orientation and Connection Plan

RFID Connections

Software Diagrams

Webcontrol 2

Block Diagram Comparison

Bill of Material (BOM)

Autonomy and Painting BOM


Test Plans

Test Plan

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment
ID Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance Action to Minimize Risk
1 Sonars to not accurately measure distance Robot autonomy fails and robot can run into objects Improper connections 1 2 2 Do rough layout before final connections made, and do field-testing.
2 Sonars fall off robot Robot needs to be stopped to reattach Poor fastening of sonars 1 1 1 Make sure sonars are secured tightly on robot. Do field-testing.
3 Sonar breaks or stops working Robot autonomy fails Unexpected accident or fry circuitry inside sonar 1 2 2 Handle sonars with care.
4 RFID reader does not work Robot autonomy fails and robot can not navigate around Pandaboard not able to handle the RFID reader 2 3 6 Purchase proper RFID reader and tags. Connect properly.
5 RFID tags do not work Robot autonomy fails Incompatible with RFID reader. Not enough range. 1 2 2 Purchase poor tags
6 RFID antenna Lower range of detection Background noise. Not enough power to the RFID reader/antenna 1 1 1 Switch to less congested frequency
7 No documentation Next team will have to learn from scratch No time left to document 1 1 1 Set time aside every week to document work accomplished
8 Switch interrupts Code becomes irresponsive Difficulty of handling multiple interrupts at once 1 2 2 Carefully read the interrupt documentation and save working copy
9 Reorganization of code Creates irreversible issues; broken code Current documentation is no-existent 1 2 2 Save a working copy and test regularly
10 Applying a new naming convention Some functions may become irresponsive. Code may not complied. New naming conflicts with other software systems. 2 2 4 Save working copy, and create a dictionary of old variables and constants
11 Repositioning of pins Output may not be correct Pin cannot provide the desired functionality 2 2 4 Look at each pin’s documentation
12 Moving from tables to cleaner web code Loss of an interface New code takes too long to implement 3 2 6 Keep an old version of the web code and test regularly
13 Website’s aesthetic modifications Irresponsive interface Time consuming tasks may not have been completed 2 3 6 Create basic working copy first and add effects later
14 Using Jquery for web effects Too much work Jquery takes time to implement 1 1 1 Keep it simple
15 Adding SSH access to panda board Panda board contents cannot be recovered after the change Reprogramming the board with a new operating system is complex 2 3 6 Reprogram the board carefully
16 Switching from USB to UART Communication cannot be achieved Coding is too difficult? 1 2 2 Keep USB code safe
17 Addition of new directional instructions Robot cannot move in those directions Robot is incapable 1 1 1 Not necessary but useful
18 Power supply will damage Panda Board Robot would be unusable can’t get another Improper wiring or bad power 1 3 3 Careful attention to make sure wired properly and testing before attaching
19 Power supply will damage Psoc5 Time and money Improper wiring or bad power 1 2 2 Careful attention to make sure wired properly and testing before attaching
20 Over driving motors Time and money Running into a wall causing large load on motors 1 1 1 H-Bridge chips are made to auto shut off if to much current and fuse placed at power input
21 Mistake on PCB layout Messy additional wires or loss of functionality Improperly soldering or carelessness 2 2 4 Double checks to make sure everything is correct
22 Damaging PCB when soldering parts on Messy additional wires or loss of functionality Improperly soldering or carelessness 2 1 2 Will have two boards made and soldering will be done carefully
23 Damaging parts while attaching them Time and money Improperly soldering or carelessness 2 1 2 Care will be taken when soldering like making sure to not over heat part
24 Damaged after attaching to robot Depends on damage Falls off or something dropped on it 1 2 2 A box will be made to house the PCB to protect it
25 Parts over heating after PCB made Time and money Poor ventilation or improper use 1 2 2 A fan will be used to keep air flowing through the box housing the PCB
26 Clash in fwd/back and right/left signals Erratic movement of robot Robot can only process movement in 1-D at a time. (either fwd/back or left/right) 2 1 2 Provide for better “mapping” of signals from PSOC (RX) to H-Bridge
27 Frying PSOC through RX chip Losing the processor RX outputs 7 V signals while PSOC accepts 3.3 V 1 3 3 Double-Triple check if the voltage divider is working well. Bench test before using on PSOC

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review Notes

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