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The Wandering Ambassador has been a mascot for the Electrical Engineering Department at Rochester Institute of Technology. It began as a sustainability project and has been modified over the years to serve various purposes such as a plowing snow and squirting water. Over the years, the robot has become disorganized, in terms of physical appearance, documentation, code and purpose.

We have two main goals for this project. The first is to restructure and clean the robot as well as providing coherent documentation for the succeeding groups. The other task is to make the robot autonomous. This will allow the robot to guide itself through a maze without any human assistance.

The two main benefits for this project will be reducing the learning curve of future teams, and increasing interest in the wandering ambassador at events such as Imagine RIT. Currently, the overall look of the wandering ambassador is pretty poor. By cleaning up the electrical components of the robot, it will be easier to look at and understand. Also, controlling the robot using a device other than the website would attract a lot more attention. Finally, thorough documentation would allow the upcoming teams to easily grasp the basic concepts and quickly get to work.

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Wandering Ambassador Payload
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George Slack
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George Slack
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George Slack

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Anjit - Sagar - Baabak - David - Matt - Armando

Anjit - Sagar - Baabak - David - Matt - Armando

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Sagar Saxena Controller sxs2828
David Gillette PCB/Clean up dkg6696
Baabak Mamaghani [Team Lead] Sensors bgm6575
Armando Briones Software Manager axb1409
Matthew Pendel PCB/Clean up mgp6782
Anjit Rana Sensors akr9090

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