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Systems Design

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Website should document your journey through MSD, so include work-in-progress as well as latest results. Use pdf's for display whenever possible so that information is easily viewable without the need to download files and open applications. (Your EDGE file repository should still contain original files).

Sample categories are listed below, but feel free to change or add nodes to better correspond to your project and your Guide’s expectations.

Meeting Purpose

1. Overview of project

2. Discuss Customer Needs and Engineering Specs

3. Review payload concepts and ideas

4. Share planned clean up procedure and design

5. Share risks

6. Generate further ideas

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Clean up:

1. Take robot apart to clean and paint

2. New PCB, PCB housing and wiring management


1. RC Controller

2. Logitech Game Controller

3. BlackBerry Tablet


1. Sonars

2. RFID Tagging

3. IRs

4. Face Recognition

5. Color Sensor

6. Temperature Detector

Functional Decomposition

Image:Functional Decomp.png

Systems Architecture

Image:System Architecture.png

Risk Assessment

Image:Risk Assessment.png

Systems Design Review


Baabak Mamaghani, EE, Team Lead

Matt Pendel, EE, PCB Layout/Clean up

David Gillette, EE, PCB Layout/Clean up

Sagar Saxena, EE, Controller

Anjit Rana, EE, Sensors

Armando Briones, CE, Software

Professor Slack, EE, Faculty Advisor and Customer

Dr. Becker-Gomez, CE, Faculty Advisor

Recorded By:

Baabak Mamaghani

Meeting Date:

Friday April 5th, 2013


Action Items
Item # Description Responsible Due Date Close Date Comments
A001 Robot Controller Sagar
A002 Update Work Breakdown Structure Team On going task
A003 Ordering Parts Team On going task
A004 Test Environment Armando Connected with 005
A005 Tests to run Baabak Tests run with data analyzer
A006 Clean up circuitry David & Matt Needs new PCB and circuitry housing
A007 Painting Baabak & David & Matt 4/12 4/12
Item # Description Responsible Due Date Close Date Comments
I001 RC Controller vs. Gamepad Sagar & Babak
I002 New PCB vs. Old PCB David & Matt
I003 New Gui vs. Old Gui (website) Armando
I004 Current sensors vs. New Sensors Anjit
Item # Description Responsible Due Date Close Date Comments
D001 Color to paint Team 4/9 4/9 Green vs. Orange

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