P13226: Power Steering Test Stand


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Test Stands

Advanced Test and Automation Electric Power Steering Test Stand


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P11251 Side Entry Agitator Test Stand

Data Acquisition & Automation

In order to gain information on potential data acquisition solutions, Professor John D. Wellin and a representative from National Instruments were interviewed.

Based on advice in both interviews, LabVIEW is the clear solution for software and automated testing due to its ease of use, intuitive interface, and support of National Instruments hardware.The Data Acquisition & Automation system will need to handle a number of inputs and outputs for two test fixtures. Below is an anticipated diagram for half of the system.

Torque Sensors:

(1) Rotational Shaft to Shaft:

(2) Reaction Torque Sensor

(3) Alternative Option:

Torque sensors and transducers are commonly constructed using a shaft and strain gage. An alternative option to purchasing a pre-made unit is to construct a shaft and mounts, and use a strain gage to correlate strain to applied torque. Strain gages are significantly cheaper, and require the same signal conditioning as pre-made systems.

Current Sensors:

Shunt Resistor

Current Transducer/Transformer:

Barcode Scanners

On current test stands Maval uses a Datalogic Powerscan PG7100

image:/public/Photo Gallery/IMG_0413.JPG

Most scanners use a USB interface and many examples can be found Here

Scanners that utilize a keyboard wedge will not require drivers, the scanned data will be interpreted as keyboard strokes by the computer.

DAQ Chassis:

cDAQ-9174 - $699

Input Modules:

NI-9237 - $1183

NI-9219 - $1029

NI USB-6008/6009 - $169/279

Output Modules:


Torque Application

Servo Motor

Servo Motor Drive EDB10

Servo Motor

Other Accessories

D.C. Power Supply

Binding Posts

Linear Actuator with moment arm

Stepper motor