P13226: Power Steering Test Stand

Concept Generation

Concept Selection

The project was split into multiple components for concept generation. Ideas for each were then assembled as shown:

Torque Application Secure Device Overall Stand Torque Measurement Spline Engagement
  • Direct drive motor/solenoid/servo
  • Electric linear actuator with moment arm
  • Pneumatic linear actuator with moment arm
  • Pneumatic rotary actuator
  • Interchangeable form of housing
  • Pins that go into EPS bolt holes
  • Clamp around motor
  • Interchangeable/moveable pins around housing
  • Vertical orientation
  • Horizontal orientation


  • Shaft to shaft
  • Socket type
  • Load cell


  • Reaction Torque
  • Shaft to Shaft
  • Automated linear slide
  • Slip shaft

The team held an open discussion for each item and chose what would we thought would create the best outcome as well as be feasible. The decisions were:

Torque Application: Direct drive servo

Secure Device: Pins around housing

Overall Stand: Vertical

Torque Measurement: Input: Servo controlled, Output: Reaction type sensor

Spline Engagement: Slip shaft

Estimated Cost

Computer - $600

DAQ Chassis - $700

Strain Gage Module - $1100

Output Module - $400

LabVIEW - $2700

Strain Gages - $40

Power Supply - $500

Steel - $500

Hardware - $300

Servo - $600

Drivers - $300