P13226: Power Steering Test Stand


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"Since its founding in 1987 Maval Manufacturing has been a world leader in the remanufacturing of power rack and pinion systems and related components.“ In 2007 Maval Manufacturing launched its Wicked Bilt brand focusing on steering solutions, including electric power steering (EPS) for UTVs. Maval Manufacturing has an existing test bench to evaluate the performance of EPS units. The Senior Design team is tasked with designing, and constructing a test stand with much more capability than the existing test bench. The test stand needs to perform a series of tests to determine if the unit performs to the required specifications before shipment. The collected data will also need to be stored for future reference.

Wicked Bilt, a division of Maval Manufacturing Inc.

Wicked Bilt, a division of Maval Manufacturing Inc.

Project Name
Power Steering Test Stand
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Project Family
FSAE Autosports Family
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Rick Lux
Primary Customer
Dale Lumby
Sponsor (financial support)
Maval Manufacturing

Team Members

Team, Customer, and Guide at RIT

Team, Customer, and Guide at RIT

Member Role Contact
Travis Blais Team Leader tmb8942@g.rit.edu
Evan Lumby Manufacturing Leader ehl2857@g.rit.edu
Jordan Shields Project Leader jds1620@g.rit.edu
Samuel Slezak Software Leader sas8280@g.rit.edu

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Planning & Execution Systems Design Detailed Design Project Review

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Planning & Execution Build, Test, Document Final Project