P13231: UAV Ground Station

Project Review

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SDR Presentations

System Design Review ppt

System Design Review pdf

DDR Presentations

Detailed Design Review ppt

Detailed Design Review pdf

Action Items

SDR Action Items

The following items were discussed during the SDR and require further action.

1. Update Needs/Specs

2. ArduPilot Investigation

3. Fault Sensor Investigation

4. Video System Investigation

5. RC Aircraft Investigation

6. Update Schedule

DDR Action Items

The following items were discussed during the DDR and require further action.


The following presentation summarizes the success of the project at week 10 of the spring quarter.

Project Review Presentation

The technical paper provides in-depth information on the design process throughout the different phases of the project.

UAV Test Bed Technical Paper

The Poster was displayed at the Imagine RIT Festival and summarized the goals and outcomes of the project.

PR.2.1 Project Poster

Final Budget and Expenses

The initial budget proposal came to roughly $990 and the final amount spent came to roughly $1450. The additional expenses arose due to the need for airframe repairs (~$100), switching to the use of a GoPro for the imaging system (~$300), and the purchase of WinTV for video recording (~$70). A document detailing the expenses can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Purchasing Records: Purchase Records (Downloads an Excel document)

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