P13261: Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Build, Test, and Integrate

Specifications vs Testing

Final Test Plan

Mechanical Fabrication

public/MSD2 Photo Gallery/half of front frame.jpg

public/MSD2 Photo Gallery/Front Frame.jpg

public/MSD2 Photo Gallery/Front and Rear Frame.jpg

Welding the Front and Rear Frames

public/MSD2 Photo Gallery/frame assembled.jpg

Adding the Aframes and Shaft Assemblies

public/MSD2 Photo Gallery/bike on frame.jpg

Adding Perm bracket and mounting motorcycle

Video of First Test Bed Run

Electrical System Schedule

MSD2 EE Schedule Plan vs. Executed

Traction Control Algorithm

Traction Control Source Code

Assembly Instructions

Mechanical Assembly

  1. Take rear frame and bolt to the wheelbase adjustment, place front frame in adjustment area and assemble lead screws.
  2. Bolt pillow blocks to front and rear frame put photo here
  3. Assemble alternator and tensioner pulley Photo of front shaft assembly parts
  4. Assemble front shaft with 4 shaft collars, 1:1 gear, wheel hub, and rim. Photo 1/2 assembled photo full assembled photo of rear shaft assembly parts
  5. Assemble rear shaft with 4 shaft collars, pulley, wheel hub, rim and 1:1 gear with chain and pulley belt around shaft photo of 1/2 assembled photo of full assembled
  6. Tighten all set screws
  7. Add chain tensioner and chain guard
  8. On both A-frames place adjuster bolt through bottom hole with thrust bearing on inside and place dowel pin through clearance and in bolt
  9. Drop A-blocks inside A-frame and adjust to proper height and assemble threaded rod with the cones locktited on the ends.
  10. Assemble foot pads on buttress arms and bolt all 4 onto front and rear frame
  11. Bolt perm bracket and chain tensioner onto rear frame
  12. Mount Motorcycle, rear wheel first then front and tighten cones on rear axle
  13. Tension chain and belt

Electrical Assembly

Electrical Assembly Instruction Manual

Service Instructions/Manual

05-06 ZX-6R Service Manual

2013 ZX-6R Service Manual

mbed Microcontroller Datasheet

DC-to-DC Converter Datasheet

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