P13261: Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Detail Design for Electric Vehicle Traction Control System and Rolling Road

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Mechanical CAD Drawings and Files

Top Level Assembly Rolling Road Test Bed

Software Schematics

Traction Control Pseudocode

Electrical Schematics

Traction Control System Electrical Wiring Diagram: Cadence Design Files

Engineering/Feasability Analysis

Mechanical Engineering Portion

Total Deformation of Center:
public/analysis pic 1.png

Von Mises of Vertical Adjustment Cotter Pin:

public/analysis pic 2.png

Deformation of Vertical Adjustment Cotter Pin:

public/analysis pic 3.png

Von Mises of Vertical Adjustment Screw:

public/analysis pic 4.png

Deformation of Vertical Adjustment Screw:

public/analysis pic 5.png

Rolling Road Shaft Analysis and Bearing Life Analysis

Electrical Engineering Portion

Microcontroller Specifications:

Simulation Parameters:-------

Electrical System Microcontroller Specifications:

Electrical System Peripheral Specifications:

Electrical System 12V Specifications:

Electrical System 72V Specifications:

Electrical System Specifications Complete File

Bill of Material (BOM)

Mechanical Bill of Materials

Electrical Bill of Materials

Software Bill of Materials

Preliminary Test Plans

Preliminary Test Plan DOC

Updated Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Detailed Design Review


P13261 DDR Powerpoint

Notes: Mechanical Portion:

Software/Electrical Portion:

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