P13261: Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary

The goal of this project will be to design a powertrain for the RIT Electric Vehicle Team's motorcycle to compete in the TTXGP. This powertrain will consist of the motor, controller, and transmission. The traction control system will ensure that the power is effectively transferred to the track. This is accomplished through the control of power to keep the front wheel on the ground and the rear wheel from spinning. The transmission will keep the motor in the appropriate range for maximum power and efficiency. This will reduce the power requirements and thus the weight of the battery pack.

The primary purpose of this senior design project is to increase the performance of the Electric Vehicle Team's motorcycle.

Intellectual Property Considerations

This will be updated as needed.

Customer Needs

Customer Needs


Updated Specifications and Mechanical Engineering Specifications

Team Norms & Values

The following are the expected Norms for the EV Powertrain Team:

1.) Attendance to all team meetings, though encouraged, is not necessary as long as assigned work is completed.

2.) The team will meet at least once a week to discuss status as well as define new objectives.

3.) Communication is VERY important!

4.) When making team decision, the ideas should be discussed by the team, and a 4/5 agreement ratio should be achieved before the idea is accepted.

The following are the Values of the EV Powertrain Team:

1.) The EV Powertrain team performs at a high level and expects quality work.

2.) Commitment to the team and the project.

3.) New ideas/opinions are always welcome and should be encouraged and discussed.

Project Plans & Schedules

public/project Schedule PG1.png
public/project Schedule PG2.png

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions


Project Reviews

Preparation, Notes and Actions, etc.

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