P13263: Hybrid Engine Test Stand


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Internal combustion (IC) engines lose too much energy to waste heat. In order to utilize waste heat and improve efficiency, water could be injected intermittent with fuel into an IC engine. The resulting production of steam would make harvesting of excess heat possible.

This project was created to provide the tools needed to understand the feasibility of such an engine. A test stand will be designed and built to make performance evaluation of a "hybrid" gas/steam engine possible. An existing IC engine will be slightly modified and used as an engine for benchmarking purposes.

The test stand must incorporate instrumentation to control inputs and measure outputs of a "hybrid" engine. The collected data will serve to improve the understanding and implementation of this technology. Specifically, the data should consist of power and efficiency as well as sensor information for optimization.

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Introduction Video (Link to YouTube)

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Project Name
Hybrid Engine Test Stand
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Single Project
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Faculty Guide
Vincent Burolla, vabddm@rit.edu

Leo Farnand, lfarnan1@rochester.rr.com

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Engine Developer
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Self Sponsored

Team Members

Trevor, Joe, Tim, Matt, Dave

Trevor, Joe, Tim, Matt, Dave

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Trevor Deacon Electrical Engineer / Edge Administrator ted7416@rit.edu
David Scott Electrical Engineer / Facilitator dws2926@rit.edu
Tim Francis Electrical Engineer / Systems Integration tpf3979@rit.edu
Joe Koch Mechanical Engineer / Scribe jdk9172@rit.edu
Matt Figliotti Mechanical Engineer / Leader mpf1919@rit.edu

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