P13323: Optoelectric Guitar Pickup

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Mechanical Design

P13323 Opto-Electric Guitar Model

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/GuitarModel.jpg

Factor of Safety analysis for each mechanical component is on the left, and Von Mises plots for principal stresses in each component are on the right.

Guide Bed

Images show the guide bed being tested with an 8N tensile force being exerted on the strap surfaces per calculation for 3g's of retention force to the soundboard. Tensile force was derived from soundboard retention force and the angle of the straps where they connect to the guide rail.


Upper Sensor Mount (Photo-transistor)

These show upper sensor mount being tested with an axial clamping load of 20N, enough to retain component and sensor when dropped from 1.5 meters. The lower sensor mount will not have the 4.69mm diameter hole in it, and will therefore be more resistant to deformation and failure than the upper mount.


Sensor Mounting Post

Images here show the sensor mounting post being tested with an axial clamping load of 65N, enough to retain the mass of the component itself, and all components attached to it, when dropped from 1.5 meters.


Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

System Block Diagram

public/WorkingDocuments/Systems Design Review/Thumbnails/Block Diagram1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Systems Design Review/Thumbnails/Block Diagram2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Systems Design Review/Thumbnails/Block Diagram3.PNG

Sensor Circuit

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/SensorCircuit.PNG

Analog Path

Analog Path PDF

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/LowEstring1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/LowEstring2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Astring1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Astring2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Dstring1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Dstring2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Gstring1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Gstring2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Bstring1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Bstring2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/HighEstring1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/HighEstring2.PNG

Digital Path

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/FIR1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/FIR2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/FIR3.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/FIR4.PNG

Mechanical Components

All internally designed mechanical components are shown here.

 From left to right: Guide Bed, Lower Sensor Pod, Upper Sensor Pod, Sensor Post, Web Strap Harness.

From left to right: Guide Bed, Lower Sensor Pod, Upper Sensor Pod, Sensor Post, Web Strap Harness.

Individual PDFs can be obtained for each component as well:

Guide Bed

Lower Sensor Pod

Upper Sensor Pod

Sensor Post

Web Strap Harness

As well as PDFs for the purchased enclosure, set screws, and switches


Set Screws

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Materials PDF

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/BOM.PNG

MSD-II Plans

MSD-II Project Plan|

MSD-II Project Plan|

Subsystems Test Plan


Digital Path

Analog Path

Power Management


Whole System Test Plan

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment PDF

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Risk1.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Risk2.PNG

public/WorkingDocuments/Detailed Design/Thumbnails/Risk3.PNG

Detailed Design Review

I. Waveforms

II. Block Diagram

III. Needs and Specs

IV. Analog

V. Digital

VI. Mechanical

VII. Risk and BOM

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