P13331: Parking Space Monitoring System

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

How we Met Customer Needs

Final Customer Needs Breakdown

Final Customer Needs Breakdown

Unmet Needs

How we Met Specifications

Final Specs Breakdown

Final Specs Breakdown

Unmet Specifications

How we Met Team Norms & Values

Expectations for team behavior
No degradation of members or their ideas
-> This was not really an issue, the team was receptive of all ideas put forward

Respect for timleiness of deadlines and their effect on fellow teammates
-> This became an issue and resulted in some design failures. Many components depended on another team members design, and when the design was incomplete the other members designs suffered
Balanced work distribution
Positive responses to requests for help
-> The team did a good job with helping others where needed. In some cases however, primary tasks fell by the wayside as a result

Up front communication of commitments, obligations, and obstacles
-> This area was an area of issue in some instances. There were several times when meetings were missed last minute etc. due to commitments that the team was unaware of
Role and responsibility determination
By major and skill set
-> This was upheld to the best of our ability. Some crossover of skill set was needed due to the loss of an EE

Needs ahead of preference
->This was carried out well. Some items needed to be shelved to focus on the primary design tasks
Guide interaction
Email chain for applicable decisions, updates, and important communiqué
->This could have been improved. Sometimes the busy schedule resulted in the Guide being left to wonder what the plan was and request last minute status updates
Team communication
Cell phone, text and voice
Personal meetings
Video chat if in-person not available
-> Team communication methods were great. We used all of the above methods and were able to stay in contact very well when needed
Decision making
1 - Consensus
2 - Expert Opinion
3 - Vote
-> This was an area that seldom came up, exept in MSDI. Still, we followed this method in team decision making. Individual design decisions were made as well, though not necessarily subject to these constraints as it was not pertinent in all cases.
Integrity and responsibility expectations for assignments
No copyright infringement
Own your commitments
Communicate struggles
-> The team did struggle a bit with certain commitments, and communication was sometimes an issue (phones dying etc.)
Conflict management and resolution
1 - Take a step back, address individually
2 - Confront problem as a group
3 - Involve guide/faculty
-> This was a big area of failure for the team. We did a poor job of conflict resolution, and needed to follow the approach we laid out rather than simply taking conflict and solving them without consenting the individual

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