P13361: System Dynamics Filtering Laboratory

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

The following contents document P13361's Build, Test, and Integrate phase.

Completed Prototype Build

Completed product prototype including the necessary support documentation

Hardware Activity Kit

Completed Prototype

Completed Prototype Hardware Kit

Completed Prototype Hardware Kit (Alternate View)

Printed Circuit Board


Prototype Electrical Schematic Rev.2 (PDF)

Prototype Electrical Schematic (Express SCH File)

Prototype Layout (PDF)

Prototype Layout (Express PCB File)

Prototype Assembly Schematic

Software Activity

The files for the completed software activity (ImgPro_Tool) can be found (and downloaded) here

ImgPro_Tool GUI

ImgPro_Tool GUI

Laboratory Activity Manual

The proposed laboratory activity manual (or experiment) to be used with the hardware and software portions of the product can be viewed here

Assembly Instructions

The instructions for the assembly of the hardware activity kit can be viewed here

Prototype Bill of Materials

Prototype Machining Schematics

Hardware Kit Assembly Schematic (Full Color)

Hardware Kit Assembly Schematic (Black & White)

PCB Assembly Schematic

Operation Manuals

The operation manuals for the hardware kit and software

Hardware Kit Operations Manual

Software Operations Manual

Verification Testing

Product testing used to verify compliance with the established engineering specifications

Verification Test Plan

The finalized and implemented verification test plan can be found here

Verification Testing Results

The results of verification testing can be viewed here

Data Acquisition

The LABVIEW data acquisition VI can be downloaded here

DAQ image

DAQ Screen Shot


The inteded enclosure (P/N A306) for the hardware activity kit was unavailable for the prototype due to it being a non-stock item. The lead time for the enclosure is approximately 13 weeks. As of the completion of MSDII no enclosure has been ordered for the prototype.

For more information on the enclosure issue, please see the technical paper.

Final Presentation

Date & Time
February 15, 2012 at 12:15 - 12:45 PM
To see the agenda for the Final Presentation, Click Here
Final Documentation
To see the final documentation for the project, Click Here

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