P13361: System Dynamics Filtering Laboratory


Project Summary Project Information

Creating an engaging and interactive method of teaching filter concepts to the Mechanical Engineering department's System Dynamics concepts was identified as a significant area of need, which warranted this project's inception. The purpose of Project 13361 is to completely develop and document the production of a complete laboratory experience identifying filter concepts in both the hardware and software domains. Student interactivity and a balance of moderate difficulty with practical feasibility are major components of a successfully implemented project.

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Project Name
Systems Dynamics Filtering Laboratory
Project Number
Start Term
Fall 2121
End Term
Winter 2122
Faculty Guide
Leo Farnand; Contact
Vincent Burolla; Contact
Faculty Champion
Dr. Vincent Amuso, EE; Contact
Primary Customer
Dr. Mark Kempski, ME; Contact
Dr. Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, ME; Contact
Mark Smith, MSD; Contact
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Team Members

Team Members: Bardia Ghajari, Ryan Hare, Francisco Savavia, Ethan Flow

Team Members: Bardia Ghajari, Ryan Hare, Francisco Savavia, Ethan Flow

Member Role Contact
Ethan Flow Project Manager (ME) Email
Ryan Hare Design Engineer (EE) Email
Bardia Ghajari Software Engineer (EE) Email
Francisco Saravia Hardware Engineer (EE) Email

Table of Contents

MSD I MSD II Reference
Planning & Execution Systems Design Detailed Design


Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

Engineering Constraints

Team Values and Norms

Project Schedule


Functional Decomposition

Systems Architecture

Risk Assessment



Schematics & Outlines

Bill of Material

Risk Assessment

Preliminary Test Plan Outline



Build, Test, Document Final Documentation

Prototype Photos


VTP Results

Assembly Manual

H/W Ops Manual

S/W Ops Manual

Technical Paper


Production Intent

Final Presentation

Lessons Learned

Software Download


Meeting Minutes

Project Summary

Related Project

Final Docs Download


The design team would like to thank the following for their assistance during the design process:

- Dr. Mark Kempski
- Dr. Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard
- Dr. Vincent Amuso
- Dr. Sohail Dianat
- Peter Goebel