P13361: System Dynamics Filtering Laboratory

Production Intent

Table of Contents

The following contents characterize the production intended product its associated documentation

Hardware Activity Kit

Printed Circuit Board


Production Electrical Schematic Rev.2 (PDF)

Production Electrical Schematic Rev.2 (Express SCH File)

Production Layout Rev.2 (PDF)

Production Layout Rev.2 (Express PCB File)

Production Assembly Schematic

Hardware Kit

Proposed Production Unit

Assembly Instructions

Production Assembly Schematic

Hardware Assembly Manual

Part Manufacturing

Mounting Plate Machining Schematic

Interface Panel Machining Schematic

Harness Schematic

Production Harness Schematic

Software Activity

The files for the completed software activity (ImgPro_Tool) can be found (and downloaded) here

Systems Architecture


Systems Architecture Rev A

Data Acquisition

The LABVIEW data acquisition VI can be downloaded here

DAQ image

DAQ Screen Shot

Laboratory Activity Manual

The proposed laboratory activity manual (or experiment) to be used with the hardware and software portions of the product can be viewed here

Operation Manuals

The operation manuals for the hardware kit and software

Hardware Kit Operations Manual

Software Operations Manual

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials for the production intended product

Production Bill of Materials

Product Cost

The approximate cost of producing one unit is $ 313.66

The approximate cost of producting 20 units (or enough to fill the laboraotry) is $ 3310.84

Therefore, the approximate cost of 1 of 20 units is $ 165.54

For more information, consult the production bill of materials here.

Documentation Download

The final documentation package can be downloaded here.

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