P13371: Hydraulic Nano-Manipulator


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The goal of the project is to broaden participation and collaboration in nanoscale science by creating cheap and functional nanomanipulator that enables a person to perform nanoscale manipulations.

A nanomainipulator is an ultra high precision positioning instrument used commonly in nanoscience and biological applications. The instrument is used to position pipette and potentially other similar objects underneath a microscope in order to conduct experiments such as cell manipulation or mechanical/electrical testing on nanotubes.

The project aims to develop a controllable nanomanipulator that achieve competitive operational specifications while being a significantly cheaper alternative to currently available solutions.

This project is the second phase of the project building upon the work done in project P12371.

Project Name
Hydraulic Nanomanipulator
Project Number
Project Family
Phase II of P12371
Start Term
Fall 2012-1
End Term
Winter 2012-2
Faculty Guide
William Nowak
Primary Customer
Dr. Michael Schrlau, ME - RIT

Team Members

(From Left to Right): Keith Slusser, Bridget Lally, Jake Bertani, Nick Matson, Avash Joshi

(From Left to Right): Keith Slusser, Bridget Lally, Jake Bertani, Nick Matson, Avash Joshi

Name Role Contact
Jacob Bertani (ME) Lead Hydraulic Subsystem Engineer jjb7174@rit.edu
Avash Joshi (ME) Lead Driver / Hydraulic Interface Subsystem Engineer adj6745@rit.edu
Bridget Lally (EE) Lead Controls Engineer bcl5443@rit.edu
Nick Matson (EE) Project Manager nkm6515@rit.edu
Keith Slusser (ME) Lead Manipulator Movement Subsystem Engineer kls8070@rit.edu

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Background Information

Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Photo Gallery

Build, Test, Document

Project Review

Final Presentation

Technical Paper