P13372: Squiggle Nano-Manipulator

Detailed Design

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This site documents P13372's journey through MSD I. Here, you will be able to find our work-in-progress as well as latest results for our Detailed Design. There are some PDF's for display purposes, but original files can be downloaded through the provided links.

The Detailed Design categories are listed below.

Engineering and Feasibility Analysis

Model Calculations for Spring System

Spring load rate (k) value analysis

Drawings, Schematics, and Flow Charts

P13372 has developed two different systems but the housing is designed for the Spring System. The pipette holder is generic and applicable to both systems.

Pipette Holder Drawing

Custom Collar - Bottom

Custom Collar - Top

Shaft to Hold Pipette

Spring System Drawing and BOM

Top Housing

Bottom Housing

Delrin Block to Mount the Pipette Holder

Delrin Block on X-Axis Carriage

Delrin Block on Y-Axis Carriage

Delrin Block on Z-Axis Carriage

Motor Mount on the Blocks - This is used to mount the SQUIGGLE motors on the delrin blocks.

Machined Spring Stopper - This is used as a guide for the springs along the rail of the carriage.

Nanomanipulator System Flowchart

Nanomanipulator System Flowchart

Nanomanipulator System Flowchart

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Final Bill of Materials

Test Plans

Dimension and Weight Test

Motor Speed, Resolution, and Range of Motion Test

Risk Assessment

P13372's FMEA document can be found here: P13372 FMEA

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review Presentation

Detailed Design Review Notes

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