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The relative high cost and general inaccessibility of nanotechnology limits the ability for people to recognize the importance and benefits of nanoscale sciences. Of specific concern to our group is the high cost and inaccessibility of nanomanipulators. These nanomanipulators are extremely high precision positioning instruments that, when used with high magnification devices, has the ability to maneuver objects thousands of times smaller than what can be seen with the human eye to precise locations and orientations. Typical nanomanipulators can range from $10-50K which excludes many from acquiring them for research or educational purposes. Greater accessibility leads to greater interest and, ultimately, a better understanding and new breakthroughs in nanoscale sciences. The plan is to develop a low-cost, high precision (sub-100 nm resolution), three-axis, Cartesian nanomanipulator using New Scale Technologies's SQUIGGLE piezoelectric linear actuators. Our SQUIGGLE nanomanipulator should be able to at least match the abilities of nanomanipulators currently on the market at a fraction of the cost. The goal of this project is to provide a possible new product line or application for New Scale Technologies and will immediately impact nanobiotechnology research and educational activities at RIT’s Nano-Bio Interface Laboratory.

The two main objectives of this project are to (1) design and build a low cost, high precision manipulator using SQUIGGLE piezoelectric linear actuators and (2) demonstrate its capabilities and compare its performance to commercially available nanomanipulators.



P13372 Nanomanipulator

P13372 Nanomanipulator

Project Name
SQUIGGLE Nanomanipulator
Project Number
Project Family
Systems and Controls
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
William Nowak
Principal Engineer
Xerox Corporation
Primary Customer
Dr. Michael Schrlau
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
Sponsor (financial support)
New Scale Technologies
Daniele Piazza
Donated actuators, drivers, and staff time
Contact through Dr. Michael Schrlau

Team Members

P13372 Team from L to R: Cory Behm, Jon Rosebrook, and Sakif Noor

P13372 Team from L to R: Cory Behm, Jon Rosebrook, and Sakif Noor

Member Role Contact
Cory Behm Mechanical Design Engineer/Website Admin cjb5251@rit.edu
Sakif Noor Mechanical Design/Assembly/Rework Engineer/C++ Programmer sxn6226@rit.edu
Jon Rosebrook Mechanical Design Engineer/Project Leader jsr4541@rit.edu

Table of Contents


Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Project Review

New Scale References

Final Presentation

Technical Paper

Final Poster



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