P13373: Nanofluidic Characterization

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary

This project is to characterize the flow rates through nano porous membranes during different parameters. The reason this project is useful is there are no current way to accurately tell what the flow rates will experimentally be through these nano porous membranes. This data will then be used to help the custumor more acurately know the correct flow rate for each individual membrane that they can try and flow test specimens like cells through them.

Intellectual Property Considerations

All intellectual property is owned by RIT and the NBIL.

Customer Needs

*The needs have been changed from the original PRP with the customers consent

public/Photo Gallery/customerreqs.JPG

Additional needs given during meeting

- different fluids will be needed
-Salt solution/electrolytes


public/Photo Gallery/customerspecs.JPG

Team Norms & Values


Team members will arrive to each team meetings on time. Each meeting will be mage on a weekly basis approximately two to three times a week minimum. If a team member can not attend a team meeting, they must inform the other team members before the meeting time.

Each task assigned must be evenly distributed within the group. Team members assigned work must complete that tasks by a discussed due date. A team member who can not complete the task promptly, or needs assistance finishing that task must then inform the other members of the group to discus either an alternative or work together to get the task completed. Any work that that a team member has completed must be uploaded to edge and reviewed by the other members of the group.

Each team member must include any and all citations to their corresponding references or sources. If a team member has gotten assistance from a publication or individual, then that assistance or guidance, it becomes fully documented within their work report.

Each team member will contribute an equal share to the success of the project. Each team member should be treated with respect and integrity throughout the duration of the project. If a problem or concern arises regarding the project, the team must notify each other of the apparent problem so that it may be dealt with in a professional manner.

For Further Code of Ethics, please use the following reference.


Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I & II: WBS, Gantt charts, schedule, etc

Pairwise Comparison

Proposed Schedule

public/Photo Gallery/gantt.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/msdIIgant.jpg

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I 11/5/12
update detailed presentation
detail drawing and exploded drawings


work on CAD drawing
show two separate systems
continue on technical review document


Continue Matlab code
Try and calculate resolution
Start CAD drawings of system
meet with Zona


Get ready for meeting with zona


Go over matlab code for flow vs pressure calculations
add temperature calculations section
Check if city water usage is applicable

10/8/12 JD & DS

DW could not make meeting. No prior notice
Going over system design review issues
Edit risk assessment.
Pareto chart-add time to setup
fix spelling in powerpoint
calculations for pressurizing a tank
Use of city water pressure?
Chart of change and temperature and pressure
if temperature does not affect pressure or flow then it doesn't need to be measured accurately.
Going to need to see the pressure drop over different diameters


Finish power point for system review
Make new diagrams and comparisons
Finalize selections


Add pugh charts
edit system review powerpoint
Add drawings

9/20/12 JD & DS

Work on schedule and Risk assessment
DW not available
Prepare for MSD tomorrow

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