P13375: Hydraulic Nanomanipulator

Build, Test, Document

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Build, Test, and Integrate

Pictures of the completed assembly and some video of testing and system demo can be found under the Photo Gallery Node at the bottom of the page. In order to play videos right click on the display option and click on "save link as" in order to save the video to your computer to play it.

The new SMC cylinders (both types MQP and CQS) had small inlet orifices. This InletOrificeCalculation.docx shows the analysis that was done regarding flow feasibility with a small inlet port.

Complete CAD Models with drawings can be found in this CAD Models.zip zip file

Manipulator Subsystem

public/system picture.png

public/system picture.png

Test Plans & Test Results

Tentative test plans can be found in the MSD 1 Node. Final results can be found below.

The preliminary testing below was done with the x-axis only to select the appropriate cylinder and confirm the performance of the CQS manipulator cylinders that were selected.

Preliminary Testing

Final Testing

A link to the final testing review presentation can be found on the front page, and testing methods and results are discussed in detail in the technical paper, also found on the first page.

Remote Access Software

See the /public/ files directory in order to access the most current software releases as compressed zip directories. Previous version can be accessed via the SVN repository.

User Manual

User Manual

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