P13375: Hydraulic Nanomanipulator

Planning & Execution

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This website documents the journey of P13375 through MSD, including works-in-progress as well as latest results.

Project Summary

Project Summary

Intellectual Property Considerations

Any novel ideas or concepts generated by this project will be the property of the designer and RIT. All outside sources will be cited including any previous design teams.

Customer Needs

Label Customer Needs Customer Importance
CN1 Cartesian Motion 9
CN2 Utilizes Hydraulic Lin. Actuators 9
CN3 Use pre-existing actuator drivers from P13371 9
CN4 Secure/independent mount on microscope 3
CN5 Utilizes standard glass pipette holder 9
CN6 Pipette holder can support multiple orientations 1
CN7 Comparable performance to commercial products 9
CN8 Utilize pump motor controllers from P13371 1
CN9 Intuitive GUI 9
CN10 Live camera feed local 9
CN11 Live camera feed remote 9
CN12 Server-side calculations/controls 9
CN13 GUI can be viewed locally 9
CN14 GUI enables change of actuator resolution 9
CN15 Controlled by a device (remote or local) 9
CN16 Remote interface software standard issue (RIT) or freeware 9
CN17 Local control can override remote control 9
CN18 Control device has multi-axis control 9
CN19 Control device can be interfaced with USB 9
CN20 Seamless (USB) remote control between device and manipulator 9
CN21 Maximized remote computer compatibility 3
CN22 Self-contained package 1
CN23 Reduce Backlash 9


Label Specifications Unit of Measure Marginal Value Ideal Value
S1 Manipulator Size (hxwxl) cm 8 x 8 x 8
S2 Manipulator Weight Grams (oz) 550 (20)
S3 Development Cost $ 100 <1,000
S4 Manufacturing Cost $ 250 <1,500
S5 Limit of Travel in each direction cm 0.25 1
S6 Speed of Travel mm/sec 0.5 1
S7 Resolution nm 100 <100
S8 Sampling Rate Hz 60
S9 Level of Difficulty of Use Binary Easy
S10 Supported Control Software Binary Yes
S11 Visual Feed Sampling Rate Hz 60
S12 System is Controlled by a Device Binary Yes
S13 System Provides Additional Feedback Subjective
S14 System Provides Calibration Binary Yes
S15 System Backlash Revolutions 3 1.5
S16 Video Latency Frames per Second 30
S17 Control Latency ms 200

House of Quality



public/HoQ Pareto Diagram.png

public/HoQ Pareto Diagram.png

House of Quality Excel Sheet (XLSX Format)

Team Norms & Values

Created in MSD I, updated in MSD II or as needed

Team Ethics

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I & II: WBS, Gantt charts, schedule, etc

MSD II Original Gantt Chart

MSD II Updated Gantt Chart

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions


Progress Report Week 1 3-8-13

Progress Report Week 2 3-15-13

Progress Report Week 3 3-22-13

Progress Report Week 4 3-30-13

Progress Report Week 5 4-8-13

Progress Report Week 6 4-14-2013

Progress Report Week 7 4-21-2013

Progress Report Week 8-9 5-5-2013


Summary of Progress

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