P13414: Portable Multi-use Shelter


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Project Background:

Sanitation is a serious problem around the world. Nearly 40% of the world does not own a toilet. Past attempts have faced limited success when attempting to provide cheap, desirable options for individuals in rural areas of developing countries. The goal of this project is to improve upon Peter Morgan’s arborloo design by creating a single-person bathroom facility that can be easily transported to its final designation, and installed with a few basic tools. The intent is to develop a low-cost arborloo (less than $50 to purchase) that will encourage Haitians to have better sanitation habits. It is important that this product be a status conferring product so that Haitians will want to purchase and install an arborloo on their property.

Problem Statement:

The primary objective of this project is to design and develop an affordable, element-resistant, portable arborloo that leverages both local and manufactured materials. The shelter should be constructed in such a way that it is easy to move, and disassemble or repair after a hurricane. In addition, the team is aiming to produce a structure that Haitians will want to own.


1. Low cost structure (costs less than $50 to purchase)

2. Base design that safely covers an 18-20 inch diameter, 3-4 feet deep pit

3. Can be easily constructed with simple hand tools

4. Has a modern aesthetic that encourages Haitians to invest in better sanitation

5. Has a modular design

6. Element and pest resistant

7. Portable

Project Name
Portable, Multi-use Single Person Shelter
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Energy and Sustainable Systems
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Faculty Guide
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
KGCOE, Mark Smith, mwspd21@rit.edu

Team Members

 Back Row: Frank Worczak, Jason Yang, Nate Mott; Front Row: Diego Guinea, Betsy Khol

Back Row: Frank Worczak, Jason Yang, Nate Mott; Front Row: Diego Guinea, Betsy Khol

Member Role Contact
Betsy Khol, ISE Project Manager eak4419@rit.edu
Nate Mott, ME Lead Engineer ncm1934@rit.edu
Diego Guinea, ISE Team Member dxg3963@rit.edu
Frank Worczak, ME Team Member fjw4521@rit.edu
Jason Yang, ME Team Member jxy2997@rit.edu

Table of Contents

MSD I - Project Planning MSD I - System Level Design MSD I - Detailed Design

Mission Statement

One Page Summary

Product Development Timeline

Team Norms and Values

Peer Evaluations

Weekly Status Reports

Project Readiness Package


Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition Constraints

Concept Generation

System Architecture

Work Breakdown Structure

System Design Review

Detailed Drawings

Cost Estimates

Feasibility Analysis

Updated Risk Assessment

Preliminary Test Plans

Detailed Design Review

Project Plan for MSD-II

MSD II - Project Planning MSD II - Building and Testing MSD II - Project Presentation

Project Plan for MSD II

Peer Evaluations

Risk Assessment for MSD II

Weekly Status Reports for MSD II

Final Bill of Materials

Final Test Plans

Assembly Drawings and Instructions

Project Photos

Final Presentation

Technical Paper