P13414: Portable Multi-use Shelter

Mission Statement

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Project Description

This project will improve upon Peter Morgan's design of a single person arbroloo that can be transported easily to its location, installed with few or no tools, and used primarily as a bathroom. The design must be capable of withstanding strong winds without permanent damage and protect the person inside from rain and sun. The idea for this project came from experiences in Haiti where locals faced challenges on a daily basis of finding private locations to shower and use the bathroom.

Primary Goals

Personal arborloos are largely nonexistent in rural areas of Haiti. Those that exist are made from a wide range of materials, but the base is usually made from concrete. This concrete base alone requires several days to assemble because the concrete must cure. Because of the inconsistency of building materials, the cost of the structure can vary widely.

Our primary goal is to standardize the materials for construction and improve the aesthetics so rural Haitians will want to purchase an arborloo for their property.

Primary Market

Assumptions and Constraints