P13415: Bike Charger II


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Project Background

In developing countries such as Haiti it's common for people to have cell phones with no convenient access to electricity to recharge them. They are often forced to leave their phones at charging stations, which is inconvenient, costly, and prone to theft. It would be very beneficial to these people if they could somehow harvest waste energy generated during their everyday lives, such as riding a bicycle, as an alternative to using these charging stations.

Existing Design

A previous team has tackled the initial problem and their design can be found here: P12414

The chosen design was to harness the waste energy generated by riding a bicycle. This was done by converting the rotational mechanical energy of the wheel into electrical energy by way of a DC motor attached to the frame. The phone was held in a plastic container and wired to the generator.

Problem Statement

The previous design was more costly than the customer desired, not aesthetically pleasing, required equipment generally unavailable in Haiti, and could not support Blackberry phones. Our goal is to improve the existing design by making it cheaper, easier to manufacture, more aesthetically pleasing, and add capability of supporting Blackberry phones (as well as other devices that might require a higher amperage for charging).

Project Readiness Package.


Generator housing with frame attachment

Generator housing with frame attachment

Phone holder box with breadboard

Phone holder box with breadboard

Project Name
Bicycle Power Energy Generation
Project Number
Project Family
Waste Energy Harvesting
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Sarah Brownell, bjl7785@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
RIT- Senior Design Budget, Mark Smith

Team Members

Chris, Kellen, AJ

Chris, Kellen, AJ

Member Role Contact
Kellen Warriner Industrial Engineer ktw4256@rit.edu
Ajeetesh Govrineni Electrical Engineer axg3881@rit.edu
Christopher Battaglia Mechanical Engineer cjb8920@rit.edu

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Project Review

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