P13417: Human Generated Power for B9 Water Maker

Concept Selection Results

Design Direction

Crank Device Gearing Electronics 1 Electronics 2
Continuing with current crank design. We wanted to avoid:
  1. Potential Change in technology
  2. Changing too much/Expanding scope too far
  3. Increased costs (Manufacturing, Material, Shipping, etc.)
  4. More ergonomic issues
  5. Cultural restrictions
Improving Gear ratio. Current design runs at 130 RPM:
  1. Root cause of fatigue issue (high RPM's)
  2. Intensifies Ergonomic issues
  3. Leads to sporadic cranking
Adding capacitors to feed energy to the pump when power from generator fluctuates
  1. Lessens human fatigue over time/no 10 second restart
Adding LED Power meter
  1. Create warning that user is slowing power generation
  2. Cut down on 10 second restarts

Proposed Concept Preliminary Analysis