P13417: Human Generated Power for B9 Water Maker

Planning & Execution

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Project Summary

B9 Plastics (http://www.b9plastics.org) is a not for profit organization dedicated to social and environmental improvement through the use of certain materials (plastics). The current product they are working on is called The Better Water Maker (BWM). The BWM is a water treatment device that treats 1/2 gallon of water per minute. The device uses a human powered crank to generate power for the device at 12v. Systems are currently being field tested in Africa, Haiti, Peru, Tibet, Nicaragua, and Iraq. Our project, in conjunction with B9 plastics, is to redesign the power generator to ease the use of this device for women and children. The current design seems to be too physically demanding to maintain the proper power output for the time required to cleanse a moderate amount of water (over 1 gallon).

Intellectual Property Considerations

Customer Needs

Customer Needs as presented in PRP
CN 1: The generator provides adequate power for water treatment (17 Watts)
CN 2: The generator connects to the existing BWM via common car adapter
CN 3: The generator protects itself and the BWM components from damage
CN 4: The generator requires less exertion than the current hand crank design
CN 5: The generator is comfortable for women and children to use for sustained periods
CN 6: The generator is safe to use
CN 7: The generator is fun to use
CN 8: The generator can be used individually or communally
CN 9: The generator is inexpensive (under $50)
CN 10: The generator is lightweight to ship
CN 11: The generator is intuitive and straightforward to use
CN 12: The generator is easy to install
CN 13: The generator is easy to maintain
CN 14: The generator's operation is explained using simple language and pictures in a user manual
CN 15: The device is sustainable; uses little to no consumables requiring replacement
CN 16: The generator resists damage from environmental hazards and standard use
CN 17: Parts of the generator can be manufactured from recycled polymer
Additional Needs provided by Customer/Stakeholder
CN 18: Generator and its components last longer than UV lamp


CN No's Engineering Specification Metric Marginal Value Ideal Value
CN 1 Power Output Watts 17 20
CN 2 Voltage output Voltage 12 N/A
CN 4, CN 5 Human Effort VO2 % <60 N/A
CN 6 Safety Standards N/A N/A N/A
CN 7, CN 11 Customer Survey Scale from 1-10 7 >7
CN 8 Number of Operators 1 1 to 2
CN 10 Generator Weight lbs 5 <5
CN 9, CN 17 Generator Cost $ 50 <50
CN 12 Number of Installers 2 1
CN 13 Maintenance Tools Number of tools 4 2
CN 13 Repair Time Minutes 60 30
CN 14 Easy Instructions Instruction manual included Yes Yes
CN 14 Intuitive Usage Scale of 1-5 3.5 4
CN 15, CN 18 Unit Life hours > 8000 10000
CN 3, CN 16, CN 17 Environmental Protections IEC Protocols: Dust, Water 5, 4 6, 7

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Final Meeting with Bill Brewer

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