P13417: Human Generated Power for B9 Water Maker

Systems Design

Table of Contents


Teardown of Product

Photos from Testing

Photos of Current Motor

Background Information

Research & Development

Sandec News: Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Design Idea Using Lever

Design Idea Using Ripcord

Design Idea Using Interchangeable Attachments

Design Idea Using a Foot Pedal with Ratchet

Design Idea Using a Single Crank

Design Idea Using an Alternate Single Crank Orientation

Design Idea: Using Old Style Sewing Machine

Design Idea: Soccket Ball (http://unchartedplay.com/)

Current Better Water Maker

Design Idea: Yo-Yo Power Generator ( OLPC News )

public/Photo Gallery/potenco.jpeg

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition

Systems Architecture

Current Generator

Generator Assembly Schematic

Generator Breakdown

Generator Motor Information (Mabuchi Motor)

Generator Motor Drawing (Yeno)

Current Pump

Pump Assembly Drawing

Pump Breakdown

Information provided by B9Plastics

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Quality Function Deployment

House of Quality (Excel)

House of Quality (PDF)

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