P13418: Pre-filter for B9 Plastics


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B9 Plastics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to social and environmental improvement through the use of plastics. The BMW (Better Water Maker) is a device that uses a hand-crank powered UV lighting system to disinfect the water by disrupting the DNA of microorganisms and RNA of viruses, which makes them unable to reproduce. This device helps provide clean and safe drinking water for third world countries where clean drinking water is otherwise not available.

Our project builds on the BWM project. The BWM can only be used effectively if the water has relatively low turbidity, meaning that its particle free and does not contain any UV absorbing compounds. The UV light however does not remove chemical contaminants from the water; specifically fluoride which is a main concern in many developing countries. The high fluoride content leads to fluorosis, a bone deficiency.

The main goal of the project is to remove particles (5 microns or greater) and fluoride from the water to make it drinkable. There are currently products that remove particles and fluoride but are relatively expensive, and do not have the desired lifespan that we want the device to have, this provides us many challenges. The biggest constraint is the minimization of the production costs, along with minimizing the maintenance of the device. Another large challenge is the life span. This is difficult with a filter in which the ideal design contains no consumable parts.

Project Name
Particle and Fluoride Pre-Filter for B9 Plastics
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Faculty Guide
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu
Primary Customer
B9 Plastics
369 Route 104
Ontario, NY 14519
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Team Members

An, Dan, John, Israel

An, Dan, John, Israel

Name Role Contact
Israel Powell Chemical Engineer ivp9366@rit.edu
An Vu Chemical Engineer ahv8066@rit.edu
John Markidis Mechanical Engineer jxm1769@rit.edu
Daniel Charles Chemical Engineer dsc7810@rit.edu

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