P13421: Ice Pile Air Conditioning

Detailed Design

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Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

For determination of a pump, radiator and fan that will allow for a maximum COP output, heat transfer and thermodynamic analyses were needed as well as component specifications to determine their compatibility with each other as well as with our system design.

For full detail, see presentation here: Feasibility Calculations Presentation

Overall, a chart of possible COP values with different system coolant flow rates was constructed. A table of melting times corresponding to these flow rates as well as expected air outlet temperature and cooling load can be seen below.

public/Detailed Design Review/TableGPM_cooling_COP.jpg public/Detailed Design Review/Graph_Variation_COP.jpg


Water to Air Heat Exchanger

public/Detailed Design Review/radiator.JPG

Fan: W2E250-CM08-70

public/Detailed Design Review/fan.JPG

Pump: Tiny Might

public/Detailed Design Review/pump.JPG

Drawings and Schematics

public/Detailed Design Review/System 6.jpg public/Detailed Design Review/System 1.jpg public/Detailed Design Review/System 2.jpg public/Detailed Design Review/System 3.jpg public/Detailed Design Review/System 4.jpg public/Detailed Design Review/System 5.jpg

Assembly Drawings Package

Stress Analysis

The vonMises Stress of 80/20 was found using Solid Works to confirm that our structure will not fail. The maximum stress value is about 45 MPa and the yield strength of the 80/20 is about 145 MPa. This gives us a factor of safety of about 3.2 throughout the whole beam.

The load applied was a 50 lb point load in the center of the beam. Since we will have a distributed load, this is a worst case scenario. If the box is completely full, the ice will weigh about 100 lb.

After applying the 50 lb load, a 100 lb point load was also used. At this load, a factor of safety was still 1.6.

public/Detailed Design Review/vonMises100.JPG

The maximum displacement at the 50 lb point load is 0.21 mm. This is about 8 thousandths of an inch. This displacement is also the worst case so we are not concerned about too much displacement.

public/Detailed Design Review/displacement.JPG

Bill of Material (BOM)

public/Detailed Design Review/BOM_Budget.JPG

Test Plans

public/Detailed Design Review/TestPlan.JPG

Test Procedure

Test Recording Spreadsheet

Risk Assessment

public/Detailed Design Review/RiskDDR.JPG

Detailed Design Review

DDR Meeting Notes

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