P13421: Ice Pile Air Conditioning


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As an institution dedicated to sustainability, RIT strives to become carbon neutral by 2030. With this goal in mind, RIT is also rapidly expanding and has recently approved a proposal to construct a new ice arena in addition to the existing one. The running costs of an ice arena for surpass a typical building and, in fact, are one of the most inefficient structures in comparison to any building. The inefficiencies stem from the need to sustain a cool environment for the ice as well as a comfortable environment for spectators. Along with the temperature difficulties, the building humidity must be kept as low as possible as not to create fog over the cold ice. With all of this being done to sustain the "most expensive ice in the world", between 100 and 500 cubic feet of ice is discarded behind the building daily. This waste ice will become the focus of our project.

The project goal will be to create a proof-of-concept device proving that the discarded ice can be used in a way such that cooling and conditioning of air can take place at a significantly reduced energy cost than that of a standard air conditioning unit. A successful prototype would demonstrate the cooling of an airflow and a demonstration that ice can be melted in an efficient manor to cool the air.

Part of the project will also set a theoretical plan for scaling of the successful prototype to a scale appropriate to make an impact on the ice arena.

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Ice Pile Energy Extraction
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Sustainable Technologies for the Third World
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Rick Lux
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RIT Senior Design Budget

Team Members

Alex Gee, Kylie Rhoades, Joseph Cooper, Clara Echavarria, Jonathon Locke

Alex Gee, Kylie Rhoades, Joseph Cooper, Clara Echavarria, Jonathon Locke

Name Role Contact
Alex Gee ME asg4012@rit.edu
Jonathon Locke ME jol6896@rit.edu
Joseph Cooper ME jmc5437@rit.edu
Kylie Rhoades ME kcr4263@rit.edu
Clara Echavarria ME cie4431@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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Planning & Execution

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