P13431: Stackable Cots

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary

Project Summary

Customer Needs

Customer Needs



Team Norms & Values

What are your expectations for team behavior?
Equal contribution and execution.
How will you ensure balanced distribution of work?
How will you determine roles and responsibilities?
How will you honor the strengths of the individuals?
Listen to all opinions and respect them .
How will you interact with your Guide?
Meetings and e-mail.
How will you communicate with each other?
Frequent meetings as well as iMessage/texting.
How will you make decisions?
Nose goes, and consensus.
What are the expectations for integrity or responsibility with assigned tasks?
Work at best, create meetings.
How will you manage conflict or when these expectations or responsibility are NOT met?
Use direct confrontation and not avoid the problem.

Project Plans & Schedules

Project Plan

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Week 7 Meeting Agenda

Week 8 Meeting Agenda

Week 12 Meeting Agenda

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews were conducted in week 6 & 9 at the weekly team meeting. Each team member said a positive trait and offered constructive criticism to each other member.

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