P13432: Biomass Bailer


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For the original project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

Using Biomass as fuel is cleaner-burning and more cost efficient than oil, and is readily available in the Rochester region. The team goal is to design a model of a Biomass compactor system that produces usable Biomass bricks (for fuel or nutritious animal feed). The plans created will eventually be used to produce a full scale working compactor that is safe, efficient, quiet, and easily run and maintainable.

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Project Name
Biomass Compactor
Project Number
Project Family
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Ed Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Jeff Gutterman, Francis Overmoyer, Roman Press Ph.D
Sponsor (financial support)
Overmoyer Farm, Alphacon

Team Members

public/group photo

public/group photo

Member Role Contact
Steve Hogan Project Manager - Industrial Engineer sxk7316@rit.edu
Jackson Standard Lead Engineer - Mechanical Engineer jrs1984@rit.edu
Danielle Absi Documentation/EDGE - Mechanical Engineer dta2269@rit.edu
Leila Rozenman EDGE - Industrial Engineer lxr6909@rit.edu
Akhil Nangpal Mechanical Engineer axn3201@rit.edu
Angela Wambach Industrial Engineer alw9214@rit.edu
Becky Peterson Mechanical Engineer rxp4172@rit.edu
Eric Wood Mechanical Engineer ejw9193@rit.edu
Joshua Miles Mechanical Engineer jlm7184@rit.edu
Lee Polott Mechanical Engineer lgp8349@rit.edu
Sean Cooney Mechanical Engineer src5360@rit.edu


Planning Research Materials Analysis

Systems Level Design Review Presentation

Agenda Systems Review

Code of Ethics

Gantt Chart

Systems Review Goals

Functional Block Diagram

Concept Generation

Functional Decomposition

HOQ Diagram

Project Summary

Customer Needs

Work Breakdown Structure


Looking Forward

Online Resources

Patent Information

Flywheel Calculations

Plans for Testing

Energy Calculator

Flywheel Performance

Piston Notes

Spring Calculations


Bill of Materials


Moving into Part II of this project, the project became a detailed design study rather than a design-build project. The group continued to model and analyze in depth and greater detail the architecture of the biomass compactor. Below are the Planning, Testing, Design, and Analysis documents to explain how this study was conducted.

Planning Material Testing Design Analysis Final Documents

Meeting Notes

Gantt Chart 2

System Flow Chart

Storage and Layout

Customer Review

All Testing Data

Timing Diagram

CAD Models



Weigh Module Information

Flywheel Force Calculations

Sales Specifications

Specification Sheet


ANSYS Models

Energy Calculations

MSD Paper

Technical Paper


Final Presentation


Team 13423 would like to thank customers Mr. Jeff Gutterman, Dr. Roman Press, Mr. Francis Overmoyer, and Mrs. Mary Murphy for their support, guidance, and industry specific knowledge. Special thanks also go out to the following Rochester Institute of Technology faculty: Professor Edward Hanzlik for providing the young engineers with guidance and general engineering knowledge during the project journey; Professor Stephen Boedo for in depth knowledge regarding flywheel design, performance, and behavior; and Professor John Wellin for professional input during the design process.