P13441: Cook Stove for Haiti


Project Summary Project Information

Project Background:

The purpose of this project is to build on the work done by the previous projects P12441 and P12442, to develop two thermoelectric stove prototypes that will be ready for field testing in Haiti for the summer of 2013. Haitians use lump charcoal as part of their cooking practices, which has led to significant deforestation as well as widespread illness from exposure to biomass smoke. The stoves will improve upon the design of existing and previous projects with the goals of substantially reducing fuel consumption and dangerous emissions.

Problem Statement:

The end goal of the project is to have two fully functional thermoelectric stoves that are more economical and safer to use than their traditional Haitian counterparts.

  1. Improved stove design and construction
  2. Incorporate forced draft technology into the stove design
  3. Resolve issues encountered with the thermoelectric module (TEM)
  4. Charge two cell phones using stored energy generated from the fire
Project Name
Cook Stove for Haiti
Project Number
Project Family
Energy and Sustainable Systems
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Robert Stevens, rjseme@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
KGCOE, Mark Smith, mwspd21@rit.edu

Final Prototypes

 Final Stove Prototype

Final Stove Prototype

 MPPT Circuit

MPPT Circuit

Team Members

 Left to right: Tyler Smith, Matt Aloisio, Biruk Kifle, Andrew Rietz, Kim Hunt, Matt Starowitz

Left to right: Tyler Smith, Matt Aloisio, Biruk Kifle, Andrew Rietz, Kim Hunt, Matt Starowitz

Member Role Contact
Kim Hunt ISE - Project Manager kch1289@rit.edu
Tyler Smith Mechanical Engineer tjs8449@rit.edu
Biruk Kifle Electrical Engineer bgk7511@rit.edu
Matthew Starowitz Mechanical Engineer mxs5418@rit.edu
Matthew Aloisio Electrical Engineer mra2854@rit.edu
Andrew Rietz Mechanical Engineer adr5344@rit.edu

Table of Contents

MSD I - Project Planning MSD I - System Level Design MSD I - Detailed Design

Mission Statement

Project Background

One Page Summary

Project Plan - MSD I

Team Code of Ethics

Peer Evaluations

Project Readiness Package

Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

Functional Decomposition

Risk Assessment

Concept Generation

System Architecture

Work Breakdown Structure

System Design Review

Detailed Drawings

Cost Estimates

Feasibility Analysis

Updated Risk Assessment

Preliminary Test Plans

Detailed Design Review

Project Plan for MSD-II

MSD II - Project Planning MSD II - Building and Testing MSD II - Project Presentation

Project Plan

Peer Evaluations

Picture Gallery

Final Bill of Materials

Final Test Plans

Stove Assembly Manual

Test Results

Updated CAD

Final Presentation

Technical Paper


Final Guide Review Notes

Hand-off Material


Special thanks to Dr. Robert Stevens, Professor Sarah Brownell, Dr. Christopher Hoople, Andrew Phillips, Dr. Michael Schrlau, Mr. Robert Kraynik, Mr. John Bonzo, Mr. David Hathaway, Sean Murnan, and H.O.P.E. for Haiti