P13457: Dresser-Rand Rotor Cell Productivity

Detailed Design

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Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Proposed Rack for Modeling

After the SDR, the team decided to approach balance and overspeed storage with simple, steel racks for horizontal storage of the balance plates. Global Industrial offers a suitable shelving solution. These steel racks are 60" tall, 24" deep, and 72" in width and have a 3000 lb per shelf weight capacity. We will also place a Cisco-Eagle EZ Glider roll out rack in the area to accommodate finger mandrels which must be accessible by the jib crane.

Factor of Safety

The highest capacity shelf is the first of the 1st cabinet (Fig DD2), and was used it to estimate a factor of safety:

47 sets of 3 plates = 141 plates
141 plates at approximated heaviest weight of 15 lb = 2115 lb
2115 lb divided into the rated shelf weight capacity of 3000 lb = Factor of Safety = 1.4.

Given that few, if any of the plates on that shelf weigh 15 lbs, the factor of safety will be greater than calculated.

Drawings, Schematics, Models

Balance and Overspeed Modeling

Fig DD1: Modeled Global Industrial Rack

Fig DD1: Modeled Global Industrial Rack

Capacity Modeling

The balance and overspeed plates were modeled onto the shelves to examine their storage capabilities:
Fig DD2: Cabinet 1 of 6

Fig DD2: Cabinet 1 of 6

Fig DD3: Cabinet 2 of 6

Fig DD3: Cabinet 2 of 6

Fig DD4: Cabinet 3 of 6

Fig DD4: Cabinet 3 of 6

Space Utilization

A few layouts for the Global Industrial racks were modeled in Microsoft Visio including the auxiliary EZ Glider roll out rack for finger mandrels:
Fig DD5: Presented Rack Layouts

Fig DD5: Presented Rack Layouts

Bill of Material (BOM)

Test Plans

/public/Test Plan PDF.pdf

Risk Assessment

/public/Updated Risk Assessment.xlsx

Detailed Design Review

The Detailed Design Review was conducted on February 13, 2013 through a conference call between the team and Dresser-Rand contacts. We reviewed the presentation and all feedback was positive with moving forward with MSD II. There were no changes that needed to be made to current decisions or specs.

Gathering Quote, Product, and Shipping Information

The team contacted sales representatives from Cisco-Eagle and Global Industrial by telephone and online chat to request extra information about the shelving units as well as price quotes and lead times.

Global Industrial Transcript

/public/Global Industrial Transcript.pdf

Detailed Design Review Presentation

/public/Detailed Design Review PDF.pdf

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