P13457: Dresser-Rand Rotor Cell Productivity


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Dresser Rand is currently experiencing significant growth. To increase production capacity, the company has purchased new equipment and as a result, are becoming more starved for space. Several other process improvement efforts are addressed by the RIT Senior Design team to improve process time and space utilization.


The RIT senior design team will work to better utilize the space used to store impellers in the heat treatment room as well as the area used to store mounting plates for balance and over speed testing.

The senior design team will reduce the footprint in the heat treatment room by implementing a new layout of racks with roll out shelves. The new layout will fit in a 10’ x 17’ area and be accessible by an overhead crane. The new shelves will be able to accommodate about 80% of the impellers which are normally around 24’’ in diameter and hold between 20 to 25 impellers at a time. An area for loading and unloading impellers will also be implemented in the design.

The team created a new layout for the plates in the balance and over speed area using 5S concepts. This new design will be able to hold all of Dresser Rand’s plates. The plate system will also reduce the current footprint of 12’ x 21’ and accommodate for a 10% growth. The organization methodology will be maintained during design.

Please visit the Planning & Execution page for more information.


The team aimed to help institute visual controls into the production system. The production style at this Dresser-Rand location is more of a "job-shop" type of production style, so implementing these type of controls can be challenging. The proposed solution to such issues as scheduling, is the use of monitors that will display current "hot list" parts which can be updated easily throughout the day.

The Dresser-Rand rotor cell is very eager to determine the capacity of rotors they can complete in any given time frame. The Senior Design team worked to create an Arena capacity model that could do just that. The model heavily depends on part process times and is being continued by Arena specialist, Sean Frier, at Dresser-Rand

Lastly, the team proposed a concept for Dresser-Rand's Vectra Rotor Assembly Table that would allow the 2000 lb. rotors to undergo run-out inspection on fan blades vertically, immediately after assembly. The current process requires the rotor be assembled, then positioned and inspected horizontally on 2 sets of vblocks. The concept depends on support and rotation components.

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Dresser-Rand Rotor Cell Productivity
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Process Innovation
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John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
Primary Customers

Joe Hannold, jhannold@Dresser-Rand.com

Andrew Marino, amarino@Dresser-Rand.com

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Dresser-Rand (Olean) Team: Billy, Will, Allison, Mike, Katherine

Dresser-Rand (Olean) Team: Billy, Will, Allison, Mike, Katherine

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Allison Doster Industrial Engineer amd1126@rit.edu
Billy Swift Industrial Engineer wrs1695@rit.edu
Katherine Poehlman Industrial Engineer klp9697@rit.edu
Michael Then Industrial Engineer mpt1125@rit.edu
William Slaughter Mechanical Engineer wes9301@rit.edu


The RIT team would like to thank those who have supported the Rotor Cell Productivity project at all phases of development. We would like to especially thank Professor John Kaemmerlen for his friendly guidance and professional knowledge in allowing us to achieve the goals we had set.

Also, the following Dresser-Rand employees deserve a sincere thank you for their support and valuable input to the team from start to finish: DJ Dick, Sean Frier, Joseph Hannold, Andy Morino and Andrew Morrell.

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