P13457: Dresser-Rand Rotor Cell Productivity

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary

The senior design team will reduce the footprint in the heat treatment room by implementing a new layout of racks with roll out shelves. The new layout will fit in a 10’ x 17’ area and be accessible by an overhead crane. The new shelves will be able to accommodate about 80% of the impellers which are 24’’-26’’ in diameter and hold between 20 to 25 impellers at a time. An area for loading and unloading impellers will also be implemented in the design.

The team will also create a new layout for plate storage in the balance and over-speed area using 5S concepts. This new design will be able to hold all of Dresser Rand’s plates and accommodate new ones. The plate system will also reduce the current footprint of 12’ x 21’. The “by size” organization method will be maintained during design. All large plates will be accessible with an over-head crane.

Once the new layouts have been defined, the RIT senior design team will work with Dresser Rand management to create implementation plans.

Intellectual Property Considerations

The team is not allowed to take photographs of the working areas but in-house images from Dresser-Rand may be distributed to the team if available and requested.

Customer Needs


Heat Treat

Heat Treat Specifications

Heat Treat Specifications

Balance and Over Speed

Balance and Overspeed Specifications

Balance and Overspeed Specifications

Team Norms & Values

Team Weekly Meetings

Team meetings, Mondays @10am

Adviser meetings, Wednesdays @10am

Team meetings/ Customer visits, Fridays @10am

Code of Ethics

With several different subprojects, the team was split into subteams but remained available to assist among each project.


We agree to maintain a positive team experience by respecting each others opinions and various skill sets. If we are assigned the responsibility to follow up on a particular task, we promise to make it our best effort and not rely on any one particular member to take the responsibility to pick up the slack.

Focus on the positive and keep moving forward.


Members are expected to be present at all scheduled team meetings. If you can’t make it to a meeting, let someone from the team know you won’t be there. Communication can be through e-mail, phone call, or text message.


Driving to Olean can be split up between us so that whoever wants to drive gets the opportunity to. They will receive the travel reimbursement toward gas.

Conflict Resolution

In the event of a disagreement between team members, the other members will intervene and sit down as a group or one-on-one to discuss it. If we disagree about an aspect or the direction of the project, there will be a vote to decide the popular decision.

If in either case we are unable to resolve the issue, we will consult the project guide.

MSD Norms Wrap-Up

Throughout both quarters, our weekly meetings were open for discussion about team performance. Participation and communication issues were handled outside of those meetings between the parties involved.

Project Plans & Schedules

Work Breakdown Schedule for Heat Treat Area

Work Breakdown Schedule for Heat Treat Area

Work Breakdown Schedule for Balance & Overspeed Area

Work Breakdown Schedule for Balance & Overspeed Area

Project Plan

Project Plan

The team has switched to action item lists to manage the project.

Peer Reviews

Conducted within the team via email. Available upon request.

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