P13458: Dresser-Rand Compressor Cell Assembly Line

Final Design & Recommendations

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Final Design

These are the final designs that were presented to Dresser-Rand on 5/3/13 for the air pallet system and the layout. These account for changes that resulted from the 3P Event that was held 4/19/13.

Air Pallet System


public/Photo Gallery/Modified Free Design 1.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Modified Free Design 2.PNG

See the link below for a summary of the analyses and test results for the layout, directed by the specifications developed at the start of this project. Any shortfalls of this project are reflected with "yellow" and "red" statuses. Recommendations for future work are found in this document as well as in the next section.

Specifications and Test Plan Results


For further considerations into this project our team proposed a list of recommendations to be considered shown below. During our final meeting and presentation with Dresser-Rand it was also proposed that our design incorporating removable legs could be further modified to have the legs pivot to swing out and lock while the unit is being moved. This would allow the workers to only attach the legs once and easily move them away from the floor for clearance while moving.

public/WorkingDocuments/Project Close-out DR/Slide10.JPG



public/Photo Gallery/3p layout.PNG

Final layout design

Factor & 3P Event Results

public/3P results.PNG


Post-3P results included changes to the layout in terms of spacing, flow, and equipment requirements, but also brought to light several shortfalls of the design. Recommendations for future work are outlined below in response.

public/Photo Gallery/LayoutRec.PNG

Reflections on the Dresser-Rand & RIT Partnership

Overall, the multidisciplinary senior design project in cooperation with Dresser-Rand was a successful learning experience. The team gained valuable experience from the iterative design process, the need to understand and adapt to fluctuating customer needs and establish and maintain efficient communication.

The team suggests that Dresser-Rand establish a 'consulting' contract be completed at the start of future projects. This would establish that the team would work with Dresser-Rand to conceptualize multiple designs, and not necessarily go through the entire design-build-test process. This contract would detail the customer expectations and thus help future teams stay focused, perform more efficiently, and perform only the necessary tasks.

Although infrequent, the team experienced situations where work was delayed while waiting for feedback from Dresser-Rand. The team recommends creating a communications protocol to prevent these delays.

PRP vs. Actual Assessment

The PRP expectations from Dresser-Rand were assessed to understand how well the team accomplished those tasks. They were rated all "green", with comments if needed. Overall, Dresser-Rand was satisfied with our project, especially with the success of the air caster technology and doing the 3P event.

PRP vs. Actual Assessment

Code of Ethics Assessment

The team gathered to discuss how well the team dynamic through the past 22 weeks has been successful. Out of the 11 guidelines, 3 did become an issue at one point within the project life.

Code of Ethics Assessment

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