P13458: Dresser-Rand Compressor Cell Assembly Line

Planning & Execution

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Project Summary

Dresser-Rand's Painted Post operations would like to transform their fixed material position assembly process for their gas application reciprocating compressors into a flowing cell layout. Their motivations are to prepare for a projected increase in demand for their newly released MOS compressor, while at the same time increasing their on-time delivery rating. A consultant has created a conceptual design of the process flow through this cell. The team's specific task is to create the material handling system that will allow the assembly to travel through this cell that will support the lean manufacturing initiatives this project is pursuing.

One Page Project Summary

MSD II Update

Due to the approval of air bearings for this system over Spring Break, the team came up with different transport system design solutions and presented the Air Bearing Design Options Document to D-R on 3/13 (Week 2) to decide on the direction for the remainder of the project.

Results: D-R approved the second design option in the above document, which involves a re-design that will take the rest of MSD II. The deliverables for this system will be a systems and detailed level design with the possibility of a prototype, time permitting.

Team Code of Ethics

Team Code of Ethics

See the Final Design & Recommendations page for ethics assessment at end of MSD II.

Peer Reviews

MSD I Week 6 (SDR)

We conducted our first peer review on 1/18/13 as a group. Each person went around the table and discussed a pro and a delta for each team member. While we won't disclose each individual review, we have summarized our top pros and deltas below. There are no issues at this time.
Pros Deltas
Well organized with documentation Need to stay on focused and on track during meetings
Good communication within our team Let everyone have to opportunity to share and justify their idea

Week 4 MSD II Peer Review Update

The team held a short peer review session, which was successful and had one main outcome: better communication with the project manager and with each other because we only meet face-to-face once per week on Fridays. To do this, if the project manager assigns a task or requests information, the member will reply that they understand and their estimated date/time of response or completion.

Project Plans & Schedules

Work Breakdown Schedule

See the Final Design & Recommendations page for a plan versus actual assessment of the PRP requirements and the team results.

MSD I Timeline

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MSD II Timeline

Meeting Minutes

Updated weekly on Friday by Lauren

Notes packets from each design phase are found below. Majority of the notes contain weekly action lists based on the activities from the timelines above.

MSD I Planning & Systems Design Notes, Weeks 1-5

MSD I Detailed Design Notes, Weeks 6-10

MSD II Notes Weeks 1-10

Weekly, we meet with our guide, John Kaemmerlen, to discuss the status of our project and gain feedback. Below is the last status report before the close-out and final presentations during Weeks 9 and 10 of MSD II.

MSD II Week 8 Status Report

Intellectual Property Considerations

Volumes and costs will not be shared.

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