P13458: Dresser-Rand Compressor Cell Assembly Line

Team Code of Ethics

The team created a code of ethics in the first two weeks of MSD I to establish operating standards that will lead to success and have an agreed upon "contract" to refer to during times of conflict for expected behavior and quality.

1) Team Goal: Receive an A from a group and individual perspective

2) Expectations for Team Behavior: Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Professional and Thorough Communication

3) Balanced Distribution of Work: Assign tasks at end of each meeting to each individual based on project schedule

4) Roles & Responsibilities:

5) Honoring the Strengths of Individuals: Assign tasks based on strengths linked to the scope of the project and demonstrated interest to nurture growth

6) Interaction with our Guide: Meet at 9AM Thursdays (MSD I) and 11AM Fridays (MSD II) for our weekly meeting and communicate as needed for tools, advice, and support

7) Communication:

8) Decision-Making Methodology: Majority vote

9) Expectations for Integrity of Assigned Tasks: Tasks should be completed on-time and with the quality expected as seen in the MyCourses documentation and as discussed during assignment of the tasks

10) Not Meeting Expectations: Any complaints or clear lack of meeting expectations should be shared with the team in order to provide more resources and/or time, or reassign task to another member

11) Managing Conflict: Any problems should be addressed between and only between the parties involved initially. If a resolution cannot be found, follow the chain of command as described in MSD and found in MyCourses. This includes involving the project manager, the guide, and up to the director of MSD.

Planning & Execution