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This section contains information related to the manufacturing of the water table, debugging procedures, executed testing results to ensure customer specifications were met, and operation instructions.

Budget (Spending Worksheet)

Below is a link to the budget of money actually spent on the project.

PDF Budget Excel Budget

Below is a link to the folder containing all of our PO's.

Budget Documents

Build, Test, and Integrate

Documentation of some of the actual water table construction can be found via the link below. These procedures outline how the MSD built the tank.

Assembly Procedures

Test Plans & Test Results

The water table project was tested using the testing plan developed in MSD I to ensure that the engineering specifications for the project were met. The tests performed and results showing that the specifications were met are summarized in the link below.

Testing Results

Separation Angle over a Cylinder

One of the specifications called for the verification that the water table was qualitatively accurate by measuring the separation angle over a cylinder. According to theory, the separation angle should occur at 80 degrees from the trailing edge. Testing results from the table yielded a separation angle that agreed with this and validated the accuracy of the table. The link below contains pictures which verify this along with a video using food dye as the flow visualizer found below.

Flow Separation over a Cylinder Trial Results

Video using Food Coloring to show Flow Separation

Uniform Straight Flow

One of the specifications defined by the customer was to provide uniform straight flow. The marginal value for straight uniform flow was 25% of the middle of the channel. Uniform straight flow appears to be provided for ~75% of the middle of the channel flow. Two examples showing uniform straight flow are documented in the two videos below using buoyant beads to demonstrate the streamlines.

Uniform Straight Flow Video 1

Uniform Straight Flow Video 2

Flow Speed Analysis

Using the beads as used for uniform straight flow and a ruler, video was taken to analyze the flow speed. The flow moved at a max of ~7in/s and a minimum of ~1in/s, outside the bounds of our engineering specifications, thus satisfying the specification.

Flow Speed

Long Exposure Streamlines

Streamline behavior was demonstrated using long exposure photography with exposures of 4-6 seconds. Beads were used as particles and their motion was tracked as they flowed across different test specimen geometries.

Streamlines over Cylinder

Streamlines over Cylinder 2

Streamlines over Flat Plate

Assembly Instructions

The instructions linked below document how to assemble the water table.

Water Table Assembly Instructions

Breakdown Instructions

The instructions linked below document how to breakdown the water table assembly.

Water Table Breakdown Instructions

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

The following manual explains how to operate the table.

Water Table User/Operator Instructions

Service Instructions/Manual

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