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DDR Action Items List Notes

DDR Action Items

  1. Add cover over inlet portion, top over baffle section
    1. Followup: Purchasing polycarbonate sheet to epoxy over inlet section
  2. Wellin- wants different cart design with 2x4's and plywood
    1. Followup: Changing cart design in CAD model
  3. Debartolo- It would be easier to move the e-stop closer to the ball valves and other controls
    1. Followup: Moved Estop button in CAD model
  4. Wellin:Doesn't want butterfly valve, wants gate valve and move to outlet section
    1. Followup: Researched gate valve, not typically used for flow throttling, discussed with Mr. Wellin, ok'd moving forward with gate valves. Found gate valves and added to BOM/Budget
  5. Wellin: Put ball valve on vertical section to allow for open flow (no circulation)
    1. Followup: Unable to simply add another ball valve, so added 3 way diverter valve and 1 ball valve system, updated CAD model
  6. Gomes: Suggested 5 pos'n switch for electroloysis
    1. Followup: Danny looking into this possibility (easy fix)
  7. Wellin: Iterate and develop further electrolysis wand design
    1. Followup: Danny/Tim developing CAD model
  8. Day: Risk 1 specify that not concerned about pump, just flow velocities
    1. Followup: Changed risk 1 in risk management sheet.
  9. Wellin: Risk 4, talk about leak, develop methods to keep leaks low during setup/teardown, Day: Can you get all water out?
    1. Followup: Danny developed procedure
  10. Wellin: Change risk about visualizing flow, document backup plans
    1. Followup: Changed severity to 2, added portion: Loss of method to quantify flow straightness.
  11. Day: Research flow straightener standards:
    1. Followup:
      1. Found supporting research on flow straightener that NASA Dryden water tunnel that supports the use of honeycomb flow straighteners http://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/about/Organizations/Technology/Facts/TF-2004-05-DFRC_prt.htm
      2. Other research resulted in one paper, but no standards between cell size/length and flow straightness were found
      3. The paper found experimented with screens and flow straighteners, our project does not have the budget to conduct such tests so we will be modifying the current configuration and experimentally finding the best method
  12. Debartolo: Capture safety of magnets in processes
    1. Followup: Will develop safety procedures during MSDII
  13. Day: Can tank be clear for PIV?
    1. Followup: Curbell Plastics would not guarantee leakproof tank with polycarbonate, more expensive, other ideas for port hole could be implemented later. HDPE tank decided and ordered
  14. Wellin: Can handle be push handle/improved
    1. Followup: John looked up handles and did not find cost feasible solution. Wait until further in MSDII to get handle
  15. Garavuso: Concern with moment arm on estop button:
    1. Followup: Changed location of e-stop button

Attendee List

MSD Team:

Danny Abdeen

John Harrington

Tim Jordan

Andrew Nauss


Mr. John Wellin

(Mr. Ed Hanzlik met with on Wednesday earlier in week)


Mr. Gerry Garavuso

ME Faculty:

Dr. Debartolo

Dr. Gomes

Dr. Day

Dr. Ghosh

Dr. Lamkin-Kennard