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MSD Meeting 16 Dec 12- SDR Preparation

MSD Meeting 16 Dec 12 – SDR Preparation

Meeting on 16 Dec 12 focused on preparing the group for the SDR on 19 Dec – 12. Open action items were discussed, finalized, and uploaded to edge. To better prepare for the SDR on Wednesday, each member was assigned slides to present at the meeting. Below are the remaining open action items and slide assignments.

Action Items:
Ask people to attend SDR and let John know results by 5PM MONDAY:
Slide Assignment:
Things to work on over break:

The test fixture holder was discussed and decided upon during the meeting. The group agreed to use a threaded screw design which will allow the specimen to be held in place via a screw. It will also give the student the ability to rotate the specimen by loosening the screw, rotating the specimen, and then tightening down the specimen again. A drawing will be put on edge in the upcoming week.