Meeting on 4 Dec 12 focused much of the time on generating concepts for each function Each task on the functional decomposition was analyzed. Obviously, some of the ideas are far fetched, but everything was recorded to aid in creativity process. *Hold test specimen **2 bolts->rotating base **Waterproof **Range of bolts, lots of different holes **Velcro **Clamp **Spring- pulls it from bottom **Clip **Put it in, twist it, secure it **Magnets **Gravity (make test specimen heavy, high enough friction holds it in place) **Groove in bottom plate, matches up with groove in test specimen *Angle of attack- moving the test specimen **Rotating platform **Long arm to hold on to **Lazy susan **Doesn't leak water through bottom **Locking mechanism ***Six (15) discrete movements **Gripper from side of table **Drill chuck threads *Allow user to see inside **Free surface on top **Sides- plexiglass/clear **Use video- on top, in the water, use a go pro **Mirrors **On top of structure- hold a camera **Make it a clear tube *Pump water/flow into channel **Flow conditioner ***Removable flow conditioner **Pump **Propeller **Water wheel **Big buckets ***Make it bigger- aqueducts ***River! **Sink **Boiling water **Flow horizontal ***Keep anything vertical ***Waterwheel ***Pump ***Propeller **Flow- vertical ***Use gravity to pump water up ***Design similar to Rolling Hills Research *Liquids **Water **Oil **Gasoline **Dye **Air **Non-newtonian ***Mayonaise ***Cornstarch and water *Flowmeters **Sensors **Bulk flow meters- inline @pipe **Multiple flow meters in water **Pressure sensors ***With pitot tube **Clip on **Ultrasonic ***Put around test specimen **PIV *Control tunnel speed **Look at a sensor- adjust a knob **Digital readout- control loop **LED- adjust- shows laminar/turbulent ***Screen in the front ***Calculates base on pressure difference **Control ***Motor controller **Key takeaway- not important for closed loop control **We calibrate it vs. a readout *Flow visualizer **Dye **Powder **Electrolysis bubbles **Smoke **Particles ***Beads ***Marbles ***Catch at the filter **Filtering dye ***Neutralize the dye chemically (like titration) **Mess around with ASME water table *Expel H2O and Flow Visualizer **Plugs **Collect in reservoir **Divert from pump **Drain hole into bucket **Pull plugs through **Hose it down **Buckets/bail **Suck it out **Sponges and sham-wows *Input Water **Hose **Sink **Buckets **Big bucket on a separate cart **Hose attached to pump on table **Rainwater **Sink attachment